16-31 January 2015 Cyber Attacks Timeline



It’s time for the second part of the January Cyber Attacks Timeline (Part I here).

In comparison with the first half of the month, in absolute terms, these two weeks have seen a slightly smaller number of attacks. However, even if the general trend has shown a decrease, the hacktivists (most of all the pro-Islamist ones) have been equally very active (and the French evening newspaper Le Monde, fallen under the keystrokes of the infamous Syrian Electronic Army, is the most illustrious victim).

Turning the attention to Cyber Crime, the most important event related to this category is probably the leak of 700,000 accounts from the Australian travel insurer Aussie Travel Cover. Of course there are many other background events, but no one reached an impact as noticeable as that.

Last but not least, I have not recorded noticeable events or campaigns related to Cyber Espionage.

If you want…

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