MQTT Sensor Fabric – Everything you were afraid to ask DARPA, UK MoD, Army Research Lab

Interesting information on MQTT field trials.

IoT, Cognition and Cars - Joe Speed

Everything you ever wanted to know about creating a military-grade sensor mesh.  And a few things you’d rather not think about..

I understood (or was told) that I can not discuss this.  But info is now declassified and readily available if you know what you’re looking for.

There are lots of smart applications to exploit this technology to improve quality of life.  Think first responders, disaster relief, agriculture, healthcare and yes even connected car.  And just like in V2V, V2X safety scenarios, low latency & reliability matters.  MQTT is engineered for low bandwidth and unreliable networks providing fast reliable communications under the worst possible conditions and is RF agnostic.

And MQTT is very low power.  Which is critical in the battlefield.  Every pound of battery a soldier carries is a pound of ammunition and medical supplies that they must leave behind.  Brig. General Kevin Nally (CIO US Marine Corp) says…

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