Old video of YPG Kurds captured drones

These look like DJI drones which are perhaps some of the most popular drones because of their ability to stay in the air for a reasonable amount of time, gimbaled cameras, ability to follow way points via GPS, and relatively low cost. Militants and terror groups seem to be using these low costs drones for surveillance, counter surveillance, surveying, and targeting.


World’s first fully 3D printed rifle—made in Canada—fired a single shot | Ars Technica

Less than two months after the debut of the first almost entirely 3D-printed handgun, a Canadian gunsmith has created the first 3D printed rifle.

The gun maker, who goes by the online handle CanadianGunNut, is an active user on DEFCAD, the primary online forum for 3D-printed firearms. He is also known online as “Maker Matthew,” or “Koa Soprano.” Previously, CanadianGunNut successfully printed a ukelele, and he currently appears to run a private message board for printing related musical instruments. Ars’ attempt to contact CanadianGunNut through his YouTube channel was not immediately successful.


This is interesting but we should be far more worried about additive manufacturing being used to make precision shaped charges, pharmaceuticals, and bio-weapons. Indeed barley literate Pakistani gun smiths can make PKM’s and Ak-47’s with simple tools. As such 3D printing firearms is probably not such a major concern but it will be interesting to see how additive manufacturing is used in the future to add increasingly sophisticated capabilities or components to various weapons.

via World’s first fully 3D printed rifle—made in Canada—fired a single shot | Ars Technica.